about us

Established as Seminole International Sales in 1965, we are an active paper and paperboard trading company in Manila, Philippines, with numerous contacts and suppliers from U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific, serving the Philippine market for Specialty, Commodity and Packaging Paper and paperboard in Prime, Siderun and Joblot quality. Through the years, Seminole have gained the reputation as an open and balanced business partner with our customers and suppliers. In 2008, following the passing of our beloved President and Founder, Seminole International Sales, have changed the company structure and name to Seminole International Corporation. With the advent of the Internet, our world gets smaller and easier for us to get in touch with each other. This may be either a boon or bane to everyone. There have been situations of unverified parties, which lead to serious...

our mission

We will continue the legacy left behind by our founder, Mr. Simon S. Lee and fulfill his vision to be an active and reliable paper trading company in the Philippines.

our vision

As the industry evolves and adapt changes, Seminole International Corp. will be recognized as an active and reliable partner for long-term trade in the Philippines.

our products

We sell quality products in the paper & paperboard industry. At the same time, we go back to basics and explore other products that can uplift and develop the Philippine market.